Returning to Chile

«Where are you from?» «Chile.» «.. Have you been there?» «Soon.»

My next travel destination is Chile. One part for travel and experience, the other part to get to know the country. I am adopted, born with the temperament of mapuche whom are one of the  indigenous people in Chile.


As the longest and thinnest country in the world, in Chile one can find a vast range of climates; to the north the high Andean plateau and glaciers, the southern rainforest territories and the worlds driest deserts. The definitive list to visit includes the Atacama Desert; this is one of the worlds best places to conduct astronomical observations.


Atacama desert day
Atacama desert at daytime
Atacama Desert at night time








In our modern day – Santiago are among the safest cities and Chile is found, after a study, to be the best country in Latin America to live. A good change from the past, celebrating a little more than 200 years of independence from colonization. Although there is a history of civil war and oppressive rule – not too long ago; a 15 year military regime – before the return to democracy today.


Santiago, Capitol of Chile








Among the various peoples of Chile there are a broad diversity of festivals; the most central one being the Independence Day celebrations between September 18th – 19th. Other well-known festivals are Tirana Festival in the Tarapacá region and the Polynesian rituals of Easter Island. Local Minga celebrates the common effort of building or moving a local house by a group of people.


Andes mountain range
Andes mountains
Easter Island
Easter Island statues









With more than 4,000 kilometers of coastline and wildlife of 17 climates, there’s a rich gastronomy culture here with various wines and food specialities, such as the curanto from Chiloé. Here the food is steamed in a hole covered with native leaves and cooked over hot stones.


Curanto, chilean specialty