Take your children for dog sledding at Svalbard!

Adventurous family holiday on Svalbard

Take your children with you for living the Artctic fairy tale. Svaldbard can offer so many activities like dog sledding, ice cave hiking, epic expeditions, northern lights and so much more!

We run a small family business and offer guided dogsledding tours for small groups.
Join us on a trip with our dogs and experience the unique arctic landscape driving a small dogteam. We also offer trips by dogsled to the Scott-Turner glacier and while the dogs take a rest we walk down inside the glacier for hundreds of meters with no other light than from our headlamps.
We have been running dogs on Svalbard since 1997 and we have both participated in some of the worlds toughest long distance races like the Iditarod and Finnmarksløpet. Besides races, our dogs have also been travelling expeditions to the north pole and trips lasting several weeks around Spitsbergen.
We have learned that in order to have dogs that can perform in long distance races and also travel to the North Pole, they deserve proper training, the best dog food on the market, and lots of love and attention.
Dogs welfare is our nr 1 priority.
We offer tours by request, usually for groups of up to 4 persons. We can also design a trip that meets your desires.